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International Focus and TIMSS

07/04/2005 Comparative Studies on U.S. and Chinese Mathematics Learning and the Implications for Standards-Based Mathematics Teaching Reform Ed. Researcher Wang, Jian, Lin, Emily
12/28/2004 Learning for Tomorrow's World: First Results from PISA 2003 OECD
12/28/2004 Highlights From the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) 2003 NCES Patrick Gonzales et al.
09/16/2004 world of difference: Classrooms abroad provide lessons in teaching math and science Journal of Staff Development, Vol. 25(4) Hiebert, James, Stigler, James
03/03/2004 Vision for Mathematics Ed. Leadership Schmidt, William H.
03/03/2004 Improving Mathematics Teaching Ed. Leadership Stigler, James, James, Hiebert
05/02/2003 Teaching Mathematics in Seven Countries: Results from the TIMSS 1999 Video Study NCES Hiebert, J., Gallimore, R., Garnier, H., Bogard Givvin, K., Hollingsworth, H., Jacobs, J., M.Y. Chui, A., Wearne, D., Smith, M., Kersting, N., Manaster, A., Tseng, E., Etterbeek, W., Manaster, C., Gonzales, P., Stigler, J.
07/11/2002 Using TIMSS to Inform Policy and Practice at the Local Level CPRE Nelson, Deborah I.
05/30/2002 British Group Nudges Tests Toward Classroom Assessment Ed. Week Olson, Lynn
01/11/2002 Outcomes of Learning: Results from the 2000 Program for International Student Assessment of 15-Year-Olds in Reading, Mathematics, and Science Literacy NCES Lemke, M., Bairu, G., Calsyn, C., Lippman, L., Jocelyn, L., Kastberg, D., Liu, Y., Roey, S., Williams, T., Kruger, T.
01/11/2002 U.S. Students Rank Among World's Best and Worst Readers Ed. Week Hoff, David J.
12/14/2001 Rethinking "High Stakes:" Lessons from the US and England and Wales TCR Firestone, William A., Mayrowetz, David
11/30/2001 Reading the Research: What TIMSS Reveals About Tracking NCREL Gahala, Jan
11/09/2001 11th Bracey Report on The Condition of Public Education PDK Bracey, Gerald W.
09/07/2001 Teachers' Work: Institutional Isomorphism and Cultural Variation in the U.S., Germany, and Japan Ed. Researcher LeTandre, Gerald, Baker, David, Akiba, Motoko, Goesling, Brian, Wiseman, Alex
08/30/2001 I love teaching but...' International Patterns of Discontent EPAA Scott, Catherine, Stone, Barbara, Dinham, Steve
06/08/2001 Effective Schools in Science and Mathematics: IEA's Third International Mathematics and Science Study ISC Martin, Michael O., Mullis, Ina V.S., Gregory, Kelvin D., Hoyle, Craig, Shen, Ce
04/13/2001 TIMSS 1999 Benchmarking Achievement Reports ISC Tananis, Cynthia A., Chrostowski, Steven J., Bunt, Nancy R., Seeley, Marcia M., Tamler, Louis
04/13/2001 TIMSS 1999 Benchmarking News ISC ISC
12/15/2000 Pursuing Excellence: Comparisons of International Eighth-Grade Mathematics and Science Achievement from a U.S. Perspective, 1995 and 1999 NCES Phillips, Gary W.
12/15/2000 Third International Mathematics and Science Study-Repeat (TIMSS-R) NCES National Center For Education Statistics
06/30/2000 Condition of Education 2000: Section 2: Learner Outcomes NCES Wirt, John G.
06/02/2000 TIMSS Final Year Study and Report: A Critique AERA Bracey, Gerald W.
12/17/1999 Science Through the Looking Glass: Winning the Battles But Losing the War? Science Mag. Greenwood, M. R. C., Kovacs North, Karen
09/24/1999 False Crisis in Science Education Scien. Am. Gibbs, W. Wayt, Fox, Douglas
09/10/1999 Guide Book to Examine School Curricula ENC ENC
07/02/1999 Improving Mathematics Education Using Results from NAEP and TIMSS CCSSO Wilson, Linda Dager, Blank, Rolf K.
06/25/1999 Contemporary Research in the United States, Germany, and Japan on Five Education Issues ED Online Stevenson, Harold W., Lee, Shin-Ying, Nerison-Low, Roberta
05/07/1999 Candid Camera Ed. Week Olson, Steve
03/26/1999 What the Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) Means for Systemic School Improvement ED Online US DOE
10/15/1998 Content Examination of the TIMSS Items PDK Wang, Jianjun
10/15/1998 Tinkering with TIMSS PDK Bracey, Gerald W.
08/27/1998 Trying to Beat the Clock: Uses of Teacher Professional Time in 3 Countries U.S. DOE US Dept of Education
08/20/1998 TIMSS Primer Thomas B. Ford. Found. Stevenson, Harold W.
05/21/1998 Lessons from TIMSS Hands On! Schwartz, Robert B.
05/14/1998 TIMSS, Rhymes with 'Dims,' as in 'Witted' PDK Bracey, Gerald W.
05/07/1998 What We've Learned From TIMSS About Science Education in the United States NCES Forgione Jr. Ph.D., Pascal D.
04/30/1998 State Mathematics Standards: An Appraisal of Math Standards in 46 States, the District of Columbia, and Japan Thomas B. Ford. Raimi, Ralph A., Braden, Lawrence S.
04/16/1998 Study of Three Cultures: Germany, Japan, and the United States PDK Stevenson, Harold W.
04/09/1998 TIMSS at the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse ENC ENC
03/26/1998 Improving Mathematics in Middle School: Lessons from TIMSS & Related Research ED Online Silver, Edward A.
03/19/1998 Action Strategy for Improving Achievement in Mathematics and Science ED Online DOE and NSF
03/12/1998 US Seniors Near Bottom in World Test Ed. Week Viadero, Debra
03/12/1998 Reactions to 12th Grade TIMSS results DOE, NSF, NCTM, NAS, AFT, TIMSS
03/12/1998 TIMSS, the New Basics, and the Schools We Need Ed. Week Bracey, Gerald W.
02/26/1998 12th-Grade Results of TIMSS
01/17/1998 Japanese Mathematics Instructional Model and Implications for Science Instruction book excerpt Conseguera, Gerard F., Lopez, Ramon
12/16/1997 White House, GOP craft agreement on testing Ed. Week Hoff, David J.
12/16/1997 Splintered Vision: An Investigation of U.S. Mathematics and Science Education, Executive Summary U.S. TIMSS Schmidt, William H., McKnight, Curtis C., Raizen, Senta A.
12/16/1997 Understanding and Improving Classroom Mathematics Instruction: An Overview of the TIMSS Video Study PDK Stigler, James W., Hiebert, James
12/15/1997 National Assessment Governing Board (NAGB) NAGB NAGB
12/15/1997 National Tests Information at the US Dept of Education ED Online DOE
12/15/1997 United States National Research Center for TIMSS U. S. Natl. Res. Center U. S. Natl. Res. Center
12/15/1997 TIMSS International Database ISC ISC
12/15/1997 Mid-Atlantic Eisenhower Consortium for Mathematics and Science Education RBS RBS