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Teachers' Work: Institutional Isomorphism and Cultural Variation in the U.S., Germany, and Japan

author: Gerald LeTandre, David Baker, Motoko Akiba, Brian Goesling, Alex Wiseman
description: Don't be put off by the imposing title: this is a nice counterpiece to the study "International Patterns of Teacher Discontent" which we posted Aug. 3rd.

"Many arguments in the U.S. are increasingly informed by use of internationally generated, comparative data. Many arguments revolve around whether or not such comparison makes 'cultural sense' or whether specific educational activities that appear successful in one nation are 'culturally appropriate' in another." Yet, others argue that "global dynamics influence national patterns around the world."

This paper examines these competing perspectives using both survey and case study data from the Third International Math-Science Study (TIMSS). The paper examines working conditions and beliefs of teachers in Japan, Germany and the U.S.

URL link:
published in: Educational Researcher (AERA)
published: August/September 2001
posted to site: 09/07/2001