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April Foolishness: The 20th Anniversary of A Nation at Risk

author: Gerald W. Bracey
description: In this article, Gerald Bracey candidly describes why he feels "A Nation at Risk" is flawed, despite all of the hype and support it has received over the last 20 years.

"It has been 20 years, though, since A Nation at Risk appeared. It is clear that it was false then and is false now. Today, the laments are old and tired -- and still false. "Test Scores Lag as School Spending Soars" trumpeted the headline of a 2002 press release from the American Legislative Exchange Council. Ho hum. The various special interest groups in education need another treatise to rally round. And now they have one. It's called No Child Left Behind. It's a weapon of mass destruction, and the target is the public school system. Today, our public schools are truly at risk."

URL link:
published in: Phi Delta Kappan
published: April 2003
posted to site: 06/05/2003