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Wanted: A National Teacher Supply Policy for Education: The Right Way to Meet The "Highly Qualified Teacher" Challenge

author: Linda Darling-Hammond, Gary Sykes
description: "Teacher quality is now the focus of unprecedented policy analysis. To achieve its goals, the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) requires a "highly qualified teacher" in all classrooms...To acquire and retain high-quality teachers in our Nationís classrooms will require substantial policy change at many levels. ...We argue that teacher supply policy should attract well-prepared teachers to districts that sorely need them while relieving shortages in fields like special education, math and the physical sciences. We study the mal-distribution of teachers and examine its causes. We describe examples of both states and local school districts that have fashioned successful strategies for strengthening their teaching forces...The federal government has a critical role to play in enhancing the supply of qualified teachers targeted to high-need fields and locations, improving retention of qualified teachers, especially in hard-to-staff schools, and in creating a national labor market by removing interstate barriers to mobility."
URL link:
published in: Education Policy Analysis Archives
published: September 17, 2003
posted to site: 12/18/2003