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Preparation and Support for Teaching: Teachers' Response to State Education Reform

author: Ana M. Elfers, Michael S. Knapp, Amrita Zahir, Margaret L. Pleck
description: "This working paper describes the findings from the latest in a series of surveys administered to Washington teachers. The surveys are part of an effort to better understand teaching quality and support for teachers' work. The survey results discussed in this working paper focus on teachers' responses to state education reform in Washington during the last decade. Teachers in this stratified random sample present a picture of state education reform that offers some encouragement for the long-term commitment to reform goals that have characterized this state. In short, teachers agree that the existing reform has had some positive effects on the quality of student learning and changes in teaching practice. At the same time, teachers also identify deeply held concerns that deserve to be understood and heard."
URL link: earch_reports/Support_Study_04/Survey_4_Working_Paper_2005.pdf
published in: CSTP Working Paper
published: March 2005
posted to site: 06/02/2005