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Before It's Too Late: A Report to the Nation from the National Commission on Mathematics & Science Teaching for the 21st Century

author: National Commission on Mathematics and Science Teaching for the 21st Century
description: "The primary message of this report holds that America's students must improve their performance in mathematics & science if they are to succeed in today's world & if the United States is to stay competitive in an integrated global economy. The Report's second message points in the direction of a solution: the most direct route to improving mathematics & science achievement for all students is better mathematics & science teaching.... What could be happening in U.S. mathematics & science classrooms is markedly different. The report names an extensive set of characteristics of "high-quality teaching." When they are focused through the lens of exemplary teacher preparation & an integrated system of professional development, an enormous potential for empowering teachers & improving instruction is apparent... Three wide-ranging, intertwined goals focus the report's call for action at local, state, & federal levels...each goal is accompanied by...strategies that identify key stakeholders who should take the lead in implementing each strategy."

URL link:
published in: National Commission on Mathematics and Science Teaching for the 21st Century
published: 09/01/2000
posted to site: 10/06/2000