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Professional Development

12/03/1998 Supports and Barriers to Teacher Leadership: Reports of Teacher Leaders AERA Zinn, Lynn F.
04/02/1998 Teachers' Professional Development in a Climate of Educational Reform AERA Warren Little, Judith
07/04/2005 Challenge of Teacher Quality Am. Sch. Bd. Journal Hurwitz, Nina, Hurwitz, Sol
08/20/1998 Conceptual Analysis of Science Curriculum Materials as an Advanced Professional Development Activity APS Lopez, Ramon
01/05/2001 Morale matters: when teachers feel good about their work, student achievement rises ASBJ Black, Susan
05/21/2004 Bayer Facts of Science Education X Survey Bayer Corporation Market Research Institute
01/14/2000 Developing Mathematics Reform: What Don't We Know About Teacher Learning -- But Would Make Good Working Hypotheses? book excerpt Ball, Deborah Loewenberg
08/11/2000 Teacher Institutes book excerpt Loucks-Horsley, Susan, Harding, Catherine K., Arbuckle, Margaret A., Murray, Lynn B., Dubea, Cynthia, Williams, and Martha K.
05/21/1999 Teacher Knowledge That Benefits All Children book excerpt Mendiola, Roy, Valadez, Jerry
09/26/2002 Developing Children's Content Reading Skills During Hands-on Science Time conf. pres. Presented at the International Conference, University of Victoria, Canada
08/11/2000 Professional Development of Teachers Teaching to the Standards conf. present. Loucks-Horsely, Susan
11/12/1998 Challenge and Promise of K-8 Science Education Reform: CSE Center for Science Education (CSE)
08/07/2003 Leading for Learning: Reflective Tools for School and District Leaders CTP Knapp, Michael S., Copland, Michael A., Talbert, Joan E.
07/28/2004 Reflections on History and Quality Education CTP Kantor, Harvey, Lowe, Robert
10/12/2001 Teacher Turnover, Teacher Shortages, and the Organization of Schools CTP Ingersoll, Richard M.
09/19/2003 Using Student Work to Support Professional Development in Elementary Mathematics CTP Kazemi, Elham, Franke, Megan Loef
10/15/1998 Promising Practices: New Ways to Improve Teacher Quality DOE Department of Education
05/03/2005 No Time To Waste: The Vital Role of College and University Leaders in Improving Science and Mathematics Education ECS, US Dept. Ed Sanders, Ted
11/12/1999 Designing Effective Professional Development: Lessons from the Eisenhower Program ED Online U.S. Department of Education
02/22/2001 Does Professional Development Change Teaching Practice? Results from a Three-Year Study. ED Online Eisenhower Professional Development Program
10/29/1998 Teachers Leading the Way: Voices from the National Teacher Forum ED Online US DOE
01/31/2003 NASA Launches Educator-Astronaut Program Ed Week Trotter, Andrew
01/31/2003 Quality Counts 2003: 'If I Can't Learn From You Ed Week Ed Week
10/24/2002 Studies Say Students Learn More From Licensed Teachers Ed Week Viadero, Debra
06/07/2002 Hard Questions About Practice Ed. Leadership Elmore, Richard F.
03/03/2004 Improving Mathematics Teaching Ed. Leadership Stigler, James, James, Hiebert
08/07/2003 Schools that Teachers Choose Ed. Leadership Birkeland, Sarah E.
08/07/2003 Schools that Teachers Choose Ed. Leadership Johnson, Susan Moore, Birkeland, Sarah E.
10/15/1999 Teacher Learning That Supports Student Learning Ed. Leadership Darling-Hammond, Linda
02/25/1999 TEACHER QUALITY: A Report on Teacher Preparation and Qualifications of Public School Teachers Ed. Leadership National Center for Education Statistics
08/07/2003 Web Wonders: Keeping Good Teachers Ed. Leadership Perkins-Gough, Deborah
06/02/2004 What is High-Quality Instruction? Ed. Leadership Weiss, Iris R., Pasley, Joan D.
02/11/2000 What Do New Views of Knowledge and Thinking Have to Say About Research on Teacher Learning? Ed. Researcher Putnam, Ralph T., Borko, Hilda
04/11/2002 Forum Bemoans Gap Between Standards and Classroom Ed. Week Olson, Lynn
02/18/2000 Quality Counts 2000 Ed. Week Education Week
04/03/2003 Research Into Practice: The Push for Usability Ed. Week Education Week
04/18/2002 Research: Focusing In on Teachers Ed. Week Archer, Jeff
02/23/2001 Professional Development Falls Short; Department of Ed Offers Toolkit to Improve Efforts Ed. World Education World
07/25/2002 Connected Teacher Electronic Sch. Joiner, Lottie L.
05/03/2001 Teacher Change ENC Focus Fullan, Michael, Hargreaves, Andy
12/05/2003 Constraining Elementary Teachers' Work: Dilemmas and Paradoxes Created by State Mandated Testing EPAA Mathison, Sandra, Freeman, Melissa
04/06/2001 Constructing Outcomes in Teacher Education: Policy, Practice and Pitfalls EPAA Cochran-Smith, Marilyn
10/10/2002 Effectiveness of 'Teach for America' and Other Under-certified Teachers on Student Academic Achievement: A Case of Harmful Public Policy EPAA Berliner, David C.
09/03/1999 High School Staff Characteristics and Mathematics Test Results EPAA Fetler, Mark
03/08/2002 How Schools Matter: The Link Between Teacher Classroom Practices and Student Academic Performance EPAA Wenglinsky, Harold
08/30/2001 I love teaching but...' International Patterns of Discontent EPAA Scott, Catherine, Stone, Barbara, Dinham, Steve
10/03/2003 National Crisis or Localized Problems? Getting Perspective on the Scope and Scale of the Teacher Shortage EPAA Murphy, Patrick, DeArmond, Michael, Guin, Kacey
10/24/2002 Research and Rhetoric on Teacher Certification: A Response to 'Teacher Certification Reconsidered EPAA Darling-Hammond, Linda
01/18/2002 State-Mandated Testing and Teachers' Beliefs and Practice EPAA Cimbricz, Sandra
03/10/2000 Statewide Professional Development Conference: Useful Strategy for Learning or Inefficient Use of Resources? EPAA Bredeson, Paul, Scribner, Jay
06/19/2003 Teacher learning in context: The special case of rural high school teachers EPAA Scribner, Jay Paredes
03/17/2000 Teacher Quality and Student Achievement: A Review of State Policy Evidence EPAA Darling-Hammond, Linda
04/20/2001 Teacher Test Accountability: From Alabama to Massachusetts EPAA Ludlow, Larry H.
10/05/2001 Teachers Who Grow as Collaborative Leaders: The Rocky Road of Support EPAA Sawyer, Richard D.
04/18/2003 Recruiting, Preparing and Retaining High Quality Teachers: An Empirical Synthesis EPSL Alex Molnar
04/02/1998 Honor Teachers Hands On! Ruopp, Richard R.
05/21/1998 Mathematics Curriculum Implementation: Not a Beginning, Not an End Hands On! Russell, Susan Jo
07/23/1998 Reflecting on Practice Hands On! Weir, Sylvia, Barclay, Tim
07/25/2002 Watching Grass Grow: Biology Explorations Online Hands On! Puttick, Gillian
04/18/2003 Teaching: From 'A Nation at Risk' to a Profession at Risk? Harvard Ed. Letter Grossman, Pam
11/01/1999 What Teachers Know and Don't Know Matters Harvard Ed. Letter Sparks, Dennis
02/13/2003 Content-Focused Coaching: Transforming Mathematics Lessons Heinemann West, Lucy, Staub, Fritz C.
05/05/2000 Development of Professional Developers: Learning to Assist Teachers in New Settings in New Ways HER Stein, Mary Kay, Smith, Margaret Schwan, Silver, Edward A.
06/02/2004 Progress and Pitfalls: A Cross-Site Look at Local Systemic Change through Teacher Enhancement Horizon Research Boyd, Sally E., Banilower, Eric R., Pasley, Joan D., Weiss, Iris R.
03/09/2006 Lessons from a Decade of Mathematics and Science Reform: A Capstone Report for the Local Systemic Change Through Teacher Enhancement Initiative Horizon Research, Inc. Banilower, Eric R., Boyd, Sally E., Pasley, Joan D., Weiss, Iris
04/27/2001 Leadership for Student Learning: Redefining the Teacher as Leader. IEL Institute for Educational Leadership
01/14/1999 Contributions of the CSMPs to Teacher Leaders Inverness Res. Inverness Research Associates
06/23/2000 Critical Supports for Elementary Science Reform: Top Ten Action Items for Superintendents Inverness Res. St. John, Mark
01/14/1999 Nature of Teacher Leadership: Lessons Learned from the California Subject Matter Projects Inverness Res. Inverness Research Associates
07/23/1999 Principals Of Educational Reform: Supporting Mathematics And Science Teaching In Your School -- A Handbook For Elementary And Middle School Principals Inverness Res. St. John, Mark, Carroll, Becky, Century, Jeanne, Eggers-Pierola, Constanza, Houghton, Nina, Jennings, Sybillyn, Tibbitts, Felisa
01/14/1999 Work of CSMP Teacher Leaders: A Summary of Key Findings From a Statewide Survey Inverness Res. Inverness Research Associates
09/19/2003 Opening Windows onto Classrooms: Promises and Challenges in the Design of Video Cases for Professional Development in Mathematics and Science Inverness Res. Assoc. & BSCS St. John, Mark, Stokes, Laura
12/05/2003 Writing For Science, Science For Writing: A Study Of The Seattle Elementary Science Expository Writing And Science Notebooks Program Inverness Research Assoc. Stokes, Laura, Hirabayashi, Judy, Ramage, Katherine
05/21/2004 Towards a Theory of School Leadership Practice: Implications of a Distributed Perspective Journal of Curriculum Studies Spillane, J., Halverson, R., Diamond, J.
09/16/2004 world of difference: Classrooms abroad provide lessons in teaching math and science Journal of Staff Development, Vol. 25(4) Hiebert, James, Stigler, James
02/27/2003 Variation in Teacher Preparation: How Well Do Different Pathways Prepare Teachers to Teach? Journal of Teacher Ed. Darling-Hammond, Linda, Chung, Ruth, Frelow, Fred
04/29/2004 Coaching moves beyond the gym: Successful site-based coaching offers lessons JSD Galm, Ruth, Perry Jr., George S.
12/07/2001 Electronic Collaboration: A Practical Guide for Educators LAB LAB at Brown, BBN, National School Network, TERC, TEECH
10/08/1999 Middle-School Curriculum Forum LSC-Net forum LSC projects
07/28/2004 Recruiting and Retaining "Highly Qualified Teachers" for Hard-to-Staff Schools NASSP Bulletin Berry, Barnett
10/29/1999 School Policies and Practices Affecting Instruction in Mathematics NCES NCES
10/29/1999 Students Learning Science NCES NCES
08/13/1998 Toward Better Teaching: Professional Development in 1993-94 NCES National Center For Education Statistics
07/16/1998 Results-oriented professional development: In search of an optimal mix of effective practices NCREL Guskey, Thomas R.
10/10/2002 Scary Part Is That It Happens Without Us Knowing NCRTL Featherstone, Helen, Gregorich, Patty, Niesz, Tricia, Young, Lauren
10/12/2001 Solving the Dilemmas of Teacher Supply, Demand, and Standards: How We Can Ensure a Competent, Caring, and Qualified Teacher for Every Child NCTAF Darling-Hammond, Linda
09/22/2000 Form and Substance in Mathematics and Science Professional Development NISE Kennedy, Mary M.
11/12/2002 Sky's the Limit: Classroom-Based Assessments Raise the Bar for Science Instruction Northwest Teacher Linik, Joyce Riha
03/02/2001 Adding It Up: Helping Children Learn Mathematics NRC National Research Council
02/27/2003 District carves out time for new teachers to learn NSDC Beerer, Karen
04/23/1999 Filling a Crack in the Middle: The Need for Staff Development in the Middle Grades NSDC National Staff Development Council
05/02/2003 Fresh view from the back of the room NSDC Black, Randy, Molseed, Tim, Sayler, Ben
03/02/2001 Learning To Lead, Leading To Learn: Improving school quality through principal professional development NSDC NSDC
04/28/2000 National Plan for Improving Professional Development NSDC Sparks, Dennis, Hirsh, Stephanie
06/27/2002 Positive or Negative? NSDC Peterson, Kent D.
09/05/2002 Stitching new teachers into the school's fabric NSDC Pardini, Priscilla
05/14/1999 Top-notch programs for middle schools NSDC NSDC
12/05/2002 What Works in Elementary School: Results-Based Staff Development; What Works in Middle School: Results-Based Staff Development; and What Works in High School: Results-Based Staff Development NSDC and NEA Killion, Joellen, NSDC
01/21/2000 Time and Time Again, Again NSF and MERCK Merseth, Katherine, Schen, Molly
06/12/2003 Altering the Structure and Culture Of American Public Schools PDK Wilms, Wellford W.
10/31/2003 Apprenticing Adolescents to Reading in Subject-Area Classrooms PDK Schoenbach, Ruth, Braunger, Jane, Greenleaf, Cynthia, Litman, Cindy
08/17/2001 Coaching Isn't Just For Athletes: The Role of Teacher Leaders PDK Guiney, Ellen
03/28/2002 Cultivating Innovation: How a Charter/District Network Is Turning Professional Development Into Professional Practice PDK Andrews, Kevin, Rothman, Michael
02/20/2003 Dilemmas of Professional Development PDK Richardson, Virginia
07/14/2000 Inquiry-Minded Schools: Opening Doors for Accountability PDK Rallis, Sharon F., MacMullen, Margaret M.
08/17/2001 Leadership in Education: Five Commonalities PDK Goldberg, Mark F.
12/20/2002 Learning to Discipline PDK Metzger, Margaret
07/14/2000 Performance Assessment and the New Standards Project: A Story of Serendipitous Success PDK Spalding, Elizabeth
01/25/2002 Performance Pay for Teachers: The Standards Movement's Last Stand? PDK Holt, Maurice
09/12/2002 Principal Internships: Five Tips for a Successful And Rewarding Experience PDK Gray, Theresa I.
01/16/2003 Something is Missing from Teacher Education: Attention to Two Genders PDK Sanders, Jo
11/16/2001 Standards-Based Mathematics Curriculum Materials: A Phrase in Search of a Definition PDK Trafton, Paul R., Reys, Barbara J., Wasman, Deanna G.
03/02/2001 Superintendents for the 21st Century: It's Not Just a Job, It's a Calling PDK Houston, Paul
07/24/2003 Sustaining Leadership PDK Hargreaves, Andrew, Fink, Dean
04/07/2000 Transcript of Kay Merseth's presentation PI Mtg. present. Merseth, Kay
03/10/2000 Transcript of Iris Weiss's talk PI Mtg. talk Weiss, Iris
02/11/1999 Middle School Science Core Materials project info. Consuegra, Gerard F.
02/11/1999 Middle School Science Curricula Decisions project info. Consuegra, Gerard F.
03/30/2001 Just waiting to be asked Public Agenda Public Agenda Online
04/02/1999 Playing Their Parts: What Parents and Teachers Really Mean by Parental Involvement Public Agenda Public Agenda
05/03/2005 Challenges of Building Local Collaboratives for Sustaining Educational Improvement RAND RAND Corporation
01/23/2003 Merging University Students into K-12 Science Education Reform RAND Williams, Valerie L.
04/25/2002 Lesson Study RBS Currents Wang-Iverson, Patsy
11/05/1998 Everyone Benefits When Teachers Lead Sch. Team Inn. Hirsh, Stephanie
11/05/1998 Teachers Can Be Leaders of Change Sch. Team Inn. Richardson, Joan
08/06/1998 Promoting Student Inquiry Science Teach. Edwards, Clifford H.
01/23/2004 Conflict Amid Community: The Micropolitics of Teacher Collaboration TCR Achinstein, Betty
07/11/2002 Educating Student Teachers to Teach in a Constructivist Way - Can it all be done? TCR Mintrop, Heinrich
09/05/2003 Emotional Geographies of Teaching TCR Hargreaves, Andrew
11/02/2001 From High School to Teaching: Many Steps, Who Makes It? TCR Vegas, Emiliana, Murnane, Richard J., Willett, John B.
06/19/2003 From Preparation to Practice: Designing a Continuum to Strengthen and Sustain Teaching TCR Feiman-Nemser, Sharon
04/05/2002 Instructional Policy and Classroom Performance: The Mathematics Reform in California TCR Cohen, David K., Hill, Heather C.
04/25/2002 Local Theories of Teacher Change: The Pedagogy of District Policies and Programs TCR Spillane, James
09/05/2003 Lost at Sea': New Teachers' Experiences with Curriculum and Assessment TCR Kauffman, David, Johnson, Susan Moore, Kardos, Susan M., Liu, Edward, Peske, Heather G.
03/06/2003 Out on a Limb on Our Own: Uncertainty and Doubt Moving from Subject-Centered to Interdisciplinary Teaching TCR Meister, Denise G., Nolan, Jr., Jim
10/19/2001 Professional Life Cycle of Teachers TCR Huberman, Michael
11/02/2001 Reciprocal Influence of Teacher Learning, Teaching Practice, School Restructuring, and Student Learning Outcomes TCR Ancess, Jacqueline
10/31/2003 Reflections on Reform: A Former Teacher Looks at School Change and the Factors that Shape It TCR Hinde, Elizabeth
10/19/2001 Teacher Burnout: Assumptions, Myths, and Issues TCR Farber, Barry A.
06/05/2003 Toward a Theory of Teacher Community TCR Woolworth, Stephen, Wineburg, Sam, Grossman, Pamela
04/05/2002 Uncertain Value of School Knowledge: Biology at Westridge High TCR Page, Reba N.
12/17/1998 Assessing the Prospects for Teacher Leadership Teachers Coll. Warren Little, Judith
12/17/1998 Teacher Leadership: Ideology and Practice Teachers Coll. Lieberman, A., Saxl, E. R., Miles, M. B.
06/25/1998 Professional Development in a Technological Age: New Definitions, Old Challenges, New Resources TERC Grant, Cathy Miles
09/17/1999 Better Teachers, Better Schools Thomas B. Ford. Kanstoroom, Marci, Finn, Chester E.
03/14/2003 Joint Impact of Block Scheduling and an NCTM Standards-based Curriculum on High School Mathematics Achievement U. of M.D. Kramer, Dr. Steven
08/27/1998 Trying to Beat the Clock: Uses of Teacher Professional Time in 3 Countries U.S. DOE US Dept of Education