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Technology Integration

11/14/2003 Conditions for Classroom Technology Innovations TCRecord Zhao, Yong, Pugh, Kevin, Sheldon, Steve, Byers, Joe
01/25/2002 What's In, What's Out & An Analysis of State Educational Technology Plans TCR Zhao, Yong, Conway, Paul
09/22/2000 Technology and School Reform: A View from Both Sides of the Tracks EPAA Warschauer, Mark
05/03/2005 National Educational Technology Plan U.S. Dept. Ed. U.S. Dept. Ed. Office of the Secretary
10/03/2002 Internet Access Has No Impact on Test Scores, Study Says Ed Week Trotter, Andrew
07/20/2001 Year 4 Report Key Building Blocks for Student Achievement in the 21st Century CEO Forum The CEO Forum on Education and Technology
06/04/1998 Technology and Education Reform SRI SRI International
06/11/1998 Educational Technology: Support for Inquiry-Based Learning TERC Rubin, Andee
03/26/1999 Internet Access in Public Schools & Classrooms: 1994-1998 NCES Rowand, Cassandra
03/22/2002 Techno-Promoter Dreams, Student Realities PDK Peck, Craig, Cuban, Larry, Kirkpatrick, Heather
06/18/1998 Critical Issues in Technology NCREL North Central Regional Educational Laboratory
05/28/1998 Putting It All Together Hands On! McNamara, Elizabeth T., Miles Grant, Cathy, Davidson Wasser, Judith
06/11/1998 Wired Classroom: Creating Technology Enhanced Student-Centered Learning Environments FNO McKenzie, Jamie
12/07/2001 Electronic Collaboration: A Practical Guide for Educators LAB LAB at Brown, BBN, National School Network, TERC, TEECH
09/26/2002 Internet Access in U.S. Public Schools and Classrooms 1994-2001 NCES Kleiner, Anne, Farris, Elizabeth
06/25/1998 Professional Development in a Technological Age: New Definitions, Old Challenges, New Resources TERC Grant, Cathy Miles
06/04/1998 Fostering the Use of Educational Technology: Elements of a National Strategy RAND Glennan, Thomas, K., Melmed, Arthur, (A RAND report)
10/22/1998 TECHNOLOGY COUNTS '98 Ed. Week Education Week on the Web
07/03/2003 Technology Counts 2003: Pencil's Down: Technology's Answer to Testing Ed. Week Education Week
03/16/2001 Power of the Internet for Learning: Final Report of Web-Based Education Commission. WBEC Education Commission
06/29/2001 Technology Counts 2001 The New Divides Ed. Week Ed. Week
03/23/2001 Standards for Technological Literacy PDK Dugger, William E.
10/10/2002 Opening Exercises - Or Never-Never Land PDK Darling, Wendy
12/01/2000 Findings from the Teaching, Learning, and Computing Survey: Is Larry Cuban Right? EPAA Becker, Henry Jay
01/04/2002 Information Technology and the Goals of Standards-Based Instruction: Advances and Continuing Challenges EPAA Archbald, Douglas A.