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Discussion: From Professional Development to Student Outcomes

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posted by: Brian Drayton on February 14, 1998 at 11:33AM
subject: Welcome
Welcome to the TEECH-LSC discussion group "From Professional
Development to Student Outcomes." The discussion is co-moderated by
Mark St. John of Inverness Research Associates and Brian Drayton of
TEECH. Brian's role will be to facilitate and encourage broad
participation among the subscribers, and "chair" the discussion. Mark's
role will be that of an active and engaged participant from the field.

It is our hope that each of you will post a message to this list at
least once during the next 4-6 weeks. While we all like to read, the
reading will be more interesting if we each take the time to post. The
tone of the conversation will be respectful of multiple perspectives.

When you post for the first time, you may want to introduce yourself.

We'd like to start with the following questions:
[1] Is it possible to demonstrate a relationship between a professional
development effort and gains in student outcomes? How do you come down
on this issue?
[2] What road-blocks or successes have you met with in tryting to do the
[3] In what ways does this approach (measuring the efficacy of
professional development by reference to student outcomes) relate to
helping your project reach its goals? What other forms of assessment
can help to demonstrate the effectiveness of your professional
development efforts?
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