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Discussion: From Professional Development to Student Outcomes

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posted by: Howard Nadler on March 4, 1998 at 2:26PM
subject: Student Achievement
As Co-PI of the SMART Process, an NSF funded LSC in NYC Districts Three
and Five, we have been gathering "soft" evidence during the past three
years to support the correlation between professional development and
student outcomes. However, the pressures of high stakes reading tests
and the overriding emphasis on literacy acquisition compels us not only
to demonstrate that students acquire skills and concepts in science but
there is tranferrence to reading and writing. We are setting up our
parameters to test this hypothesis. Is anyone attempting to provide
hard evidence to show the connection between PD and student outcomes?
Another are of concern is assessing the effectiveness of our
professional development. I know there are rubrics available from Mesa
and the NSRC on teacher self assessment.

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