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Discussion: From Professional Development to Student Outcomes

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posted by: Kalyani Raghavan on March 5, 1998 at 2:53PM
subject: PD to student outcomes to PD

I am Kalyani Raghavan, the lead evaluator with ASSET project (lsc K-6

I look at student outcomes as informing the needs of professional
development. Towards that end, we have selected one module and conducted
interviews with children just after they had completed the module. The
questions involve problem solving tasks chosen to provide opportunity
for students to exhibit all the concepts and processes that the module
encompasses. The data reveals the strengths and weaknesses in students'
level of understanding of the different items. Of interest to PD
providers are those items that did not seem to get through to a
majority. This has helped them to rethink module level training.

Another procedure that we are trying this semester is to select specific
key lessons from three modules - one at 4, 5, 6 grade levels - and
designed questions for students to answer at the end of these lessons
that would elicit conceptual understanding of the key aspects of these
lessons. Also included were a short teacher questionnaire regarding what
goals (listed in the module) were applicable to these lessons and which
ones they felt students understood. We are yet to get back the responses
and I will be able to say more later in the year. The purpose is to
again inform the PD providers formative feedback.

However, I do agree with Mark that there is still a long way to go from
Pd to impressive student outcomes.

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