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Discussion: From Professional Development to Student Outcomes

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posted by: Bob Box on March 2, 1998 at 6:32PM
subject: Professional development to student outcomes
Hi, I'm Bob Box, PI for the Mesa Systemic Initiative. We are a K-8 math
science project just beginning our third year.

Mack succinctly described the key issue. What's the ruler? Alignment of
professional development, curriculum and assessment is a huge issue

Unfortunately, teachers in our state may participate in excellent
professional development aligned to NCTM or NSES standards, yet when
they pick up the newspaper, their school is compared to other schools in
the state based on state testing with a different set of criteria.

Thankfully, I heard Dr. Williams say at that first meeting of LSCs that
"We know when teacher performance changes, student performance changes.
We're not going to assess student performance." (If anyone heard that
differently, please note.)

An interesting sidebar- In the process of mathematics curriculum
adoption ALL 25 publishers have claimed NCTM alighment. Yet many of the
materials are very traditional. It is quite possible that teachers might
say, "I teach to NCTM standards" simply because the textbook says so!
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