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Papers/Presentations authored by LSC Members

02/01/2002 Student Outcomes in a Local Systemic Change Project School Sci/Math Journ. ASSET
02/13/2003 Helping English Learners Increase Achievement Through Inquiry-Based Science Instruction Bilingual Res. Journ. Amaral, Olga, Garrison, Leslie, Klentschy, Michael
01/14/2000 Developing Mathematics Reform: What Don't We Know About Teacher Learning -- But Would Make Good Working Hypotheses? book excerpt Ball, Deborah Loewenberg
03/03/2000 Transcript of Paul Black's talk PI Mtg. talk Black, Paul
05/02/2003 Fresh view from the back of the room NSDC Black, Randy, Molseed, Tim, Sayler, Ben
11/15/2001 Dimensions of Inquiry FOSS News. Camins, Arthur
06/25/1998 Clues from the Classroom: Evidence of our Progress AAAS Century, Jeanne Rose, St. John, Mark
05/08/2003 Fifth Grade Outcome Study: Science For All Students Coffey, Pamela, Tempel, Carol
01/17/1998 Japanese Mathematics Instructional Model and Implications for Science Instruction book excerpt Conseguera, Gerard F., Lopez, Ramon
02/11/1999 Middle School Science Core Materials project info. Consuegra, Gerard F.
02/11/1999 Middle School Science Curricula Decisions project info. Consuegra, Gerard F.
09/24/1998 America's education debate hinges upon our definition of 'good schools' San Jose Merc. Cuban, Larry
12/07/2000 Impact of ASSET Inc. on Student Learning: Report on Results in the Systemic Reform of Education in Southwestern Pennsylvania from 1995 - 2000 Davison, Reeny, Raghavan, Kalyani
05/07/1999 NSF Review of Instructional Materials for Middle School Science NSF Earle, Janice
09/28/2000 Supporting and Understanding Sustainability of Local Systemic Change Falk, Joni, Drayton, Brian
06/15/2004 Get Out of the Way Teachers, Let the Kids Do the Talking NCTM Fisher, Carol, Bloom, Lois, McAlister, Marilyn, Leon-Herrera, Herminia
08/19/2004 Grasp the Language, Grasp the Mathematics Valle Imperial Math Garrison, Leslie, Page, Royce, Burgos, Sandra, Petersen, Mary, Dial, Cecilia Dominguez
01/14/2000 Big Isn't Always Bad: School District Size, Poverty, and Standards-Based Reform U.S. DOE Hannaway, Jane
01/14/1999 Contributions of the CSMPs to Teacher Leaders Inverness Res. Inverness Research Associates
01/14/1999 Nature of Teacher Leadership: Lessons Learned from the California Subject Matter Projects Inverness Res. Inverness Research Associates
01/14/1999 Work of CSMP Teacher Leaders: A Summary of Key Findings From a Statewide Survey Inverness Res. Inverness Research Associates
10/26/2001 Story of the Appalachian Rural Systemic Initiative Inverness Res. John, Mark St., Carroll, Becky, Tambe, Pamela, Broun, Samantha, Inverness Research Associates
10/18/2002 Death of Science? What We Risk in Our Rush Toward Standardized Testing and the Three Rís PDK Jorgenson, Olaf, Vanosdall, Rick
05/05/2004 Gadsen Mathematics Initiative CESAME Spotlight Kinzer, Cathy
10/08/1999 Middle-School Curriculum Forum LSC-Net forum LSC projects
05/21/1999 Teacher Knowledge That Benefits All Children book excerpt Mendiola, Roy, Valadez, Jerry
01/14/2000 How Old Is the Shepherd? An Essay About Mathematics Education PDK Merseth, Katherine
01/21/2000 Time and Time Again, Again NSF and MERCK Merseth, Katherine, Schen, Molly
04/07/2000 Transcript of Kay Merseth's presentation PI Mtg. present. Merseth, Kay
08/26/2004 Observations from a First Timer at ICME-10 Valle Imperial Math Page, Royce
07/13/2004 Standards-based Mathematics Curricula and Middle Grade Students' Performance on Standardized Achievement Tests Univ. Michigan Post, Thomas, Davis, et. al., Jon D.
06/23/2000 Critical Supports for Elementary Science Reform: Top Ten Action Items for Superintendents Inverness Res. St. John, Mark
03/16/2001 Wait, Wait! Don't Tell Me!' The Anatomy And Politics Of Inquiry Inverness Res. St. John, Mark
07/23/1999 Principals Of Educational Reform: Supporting Mathematics And Science Teaching In Your School -- A Handbook For Elementary And Middle School Principals Inverness Res. St. John, Mark, Carroll, Becky, Century, Jeanne, Eggers-Pierola, Constanza, Houghton, Nina, Jennings, Sybillyn, Tibbitts, Felisa
07/16/1999 Reforming Elementary Science Education in Urban Districts: Reflections on a Conference in Inverness, California Inverness Res. St. John, Mark, Century, Jeanne Rose, Tibbitts, Felisa, Heenan, Barbara
04/03/2003 Writing for Science, Science For Writing: A Study Of The Seattle Elementary Science Expository Writing and Science Notebooks Program Inverness Res. Assoc. Stokes, Laura, St. John, Mark, Fyfe, Jo
01/16/2003 It's about Learning (and It's about Time) Book exc. Stoll, Louise, Fink, Dean, Earl, Lorna
03/23/2001 Guidelines for Evaluating Student Outcomes WESTAT WESTAT
12/17/1998 Assessing the Prospects for Teacher Leadership Teachers Coll. Warren Little, Judith
04/02/1998 Teachers' Professional Development in a Climate of Educational Reform AERA Warren Little, Judith
03/10/2000 Transcript of Iris Weiss's talk PI Mtg. talk Weiss, Iris
02/10/1998 Executive Summary of the Local Systemic Change through Teacher Enhancement Year Two Cross-Site Report Horizon Res. Weiss, Iris R.
02/10/1998 Local Systemic Change through Teacher Enhancement Year Two Cross-Site Report Horizon Res. Weiss, Iris R., Rapp, Kathleen A., Montgomery, Diana L.
06/26/2003 Looking Inside the Classroom: A Study of K-12 Mathematics and Science Education in the United States Horizon Res. Weiss, Iris, Pasley, Joan D., Smith, P. Sean, Banilower, Eric R., Heck, Daniel J.
05/28/1999 Curriculum and Society Ed. Week Weissglass, Julian
02/13/2003 Content-Focused Coaching: Transforming Mathematics Lessons Heinemann West, Lucy, Staub, Fritz C.
05/31/2001 ABC on Scoring Rubrics Development for Large Scale Performance Assessment in Mathematics and Science WESTAT Westat