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Discussion: Lead Teachers and Teacher Leadership

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posted by: Mary Bing on November 18, 1998 at 10:15AM
subject: Professional development for Resource Teachers
ethana from Washington described the roles and responsibilities of
Resource Teachers (RTs). This message also described the kind of
professional development the RTs receive.

Please write a more in-depth description of Cognitive Coaching.

In the state of Delaware, my position is called a Coalition Science
Specialist, probably the equivalent of your RTs. We have received
professional development in Physics (forces and motion, sinking and
floating, magnetism, and electricity) and also Equity and Diversity in
Science Education.

We are presently taking a course designed especially for us. We have been
developing concept maps based on our state performance indicators. The maps
have given us a better view of how our state standards are being met by the
science kits. Where there are gaps, we are developing units or extensions of

As elementary teachers, we feel the need for more science content.
However, in this position, we also need more prof. dev. in how to work with
adults and adult learning.

If anyone else has some neat ideas to share concerning prof. dev. for
teacher leaders who are released from the classrooms, please post it here.
I would appreciate it.


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