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Discussion: Lead Teachers and Teacher Leadership

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posted by: Libby Strong on December 7, 1998 at 5:20PM
subject: Ways to bring the shy, reluctant elementary teacher into leadership roles
In our project we have identified a lead teacher/liason for each school
that participated in this past summer's workshops. We had originally
intended to have them lead some of the discussion groups and such, but are
finding so many of them that are fantastic in the classroom, but reluctant
to lead any sort of discussion or workshop. Though we intended to have a
lead teacher institute, we seem to have more work ahead of us to make sure
each is very comfortable with their role and to be certain that nothing we
ask of them is beyond what they feel equipped to presently do.

As a clarification, our lead teachers did not lead workshops this past
summer. We had an existing cadre of workshop leaders who led the 1998
summer science institutes. We hope to expand the number of qualified
workshop leaders (project mentors) for next summer since we have more
sessions that will be running concurrently. It was anticipated that lead
teachers after using the kits would begin to feel comfortable taking on this
role. That has not yet happened to the degree we had thought. Any


Libby Strong, Project Director
WV-Handle On Science Project

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