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Discussion: Lead Teachers and Teacher Leadership

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posted by: Gail Paulin on October 29, 1998 at 8:53PM
subject: introduction
TUSD's Districtwide Emphasis on Science Education Reform in Tucson (DESERT
Project) views teacher leaders as key to a sustainable site learning
community which supports effective science instruction. We currently have 9
teacher leaders called Collaborative Teachers who are housed centrally(7,
k-5 2, 6-8) and are each assigned 10-12 sites. Tucson has 94 sites k-8. Each
site has a Site Science Facilitator who in addition to being a full time
classroom teacher, attends monthly professional development focused on
building the skills and knowledge needed as a site leader and works with the
teachers and site adminstrators to help communicate information about
science education. As a new project(starting in the summer of 98) we have
yet to put in place our third teacher leadership program- ARTs or Action
Research Teachers. We will begin this program in January 99 for 8-10
teachers and expand to 20 classroom teachers. Their professional development
will focus on developing expertise in classroom research to inform the
project and to model the role of teacher research in science education
reform. We all look forward to this discussion and hope to learn how to
better develop support teachers in leadership roles.

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