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Discussion: Lead Teachers and Teacher Leadership

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posted by: Brian Drayton on October 26, 1998 at 6:52PM
subject: Welcome
Welcome to the LSC-Net discussion on "Lead Teachers and Teacher
Leadership." It will be moderated by Brian Drayton from LSC-Net; contact him
at brian_drayton @ We expect the discussion to last for about the
next 6 weeks. At the end, we will post a summary of the main points

We strongly urge each person signing up for the discussion to post at least
once. To start off, we invite you to write a first message answering the
following questions: Does your project have teacher leaders (whatever your
name for them is)? If so, what role do they play in the project, and how do
they do it? (please make sure to tell us which project you are on!)

Eleven people have already signed on, representing as many projects; to
encourage communication, we list them here, and as new subscribers join us,
we'll update this list.

Susan Elko
Ethan Allan
Scott Hays
Judith Fonzi
Michelle Batchelder
Bob Box
Margaret Small
Michael Klentschy
Barbara Miller
Linda Gregg
Trisha Herminghaus
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