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Teaching and Learning

12/05/2003 Writing For Science, Science For Writing: A Study Of The Seattle Elementary Science Expository Writing And Science Notebooks Program Inverness Research Assoc. Stokes, Laura, Hirabayashi, Judy, Ramage, Katherine
04/03/2003 Writing for Science, Science For Writing: A Study Of The Seattle Elementary Science Expository Writing and Science Notebooks Program Inverness Res. Assoc. Stokes, Laura, St. John, Mark, Fyfe, Jo
09/16/2004 world of difference: Classrooms abroad provide lessons in teaching math and science Journal of Staff Development, Vol. 25(4) Hiebert, James, Stigler, James
06/11/1998 Wired Classroom: Creating Technology Enhanced Student-Centered Learning Environments FNO McKenzie, Jamie
11/12/1999 Why Students Lose When 'Tougher Standards' Win Ed. Leadership O'Neil, John, Tell, Carol
01/23/2004 What Research Says about Small Classes and their Effects Policy Perspectives Biddle, Bruce J., Berliner, David C.
06/02/2004 What is High-Quality Instruction? Ed. Leadership Weiss, Iris R., Pasley, Joan D.
07/30/1999 What Happens in Classrooms? Instructional Practices in Elementary and Secondary Schools NCES NCES
09/12/2002 What Happens During the School Day?: Time Diaries from a National Sample of Elementary School Teachers TCR Roth, Jodie, Brooks-Gunn, Jeanne, Linver, Miariam, Hofferth, Sandra
09/14/2001 What do we tell our children? Boston Globe Meltz, Barbara F.
03/16/2001 Wait, Wait! Don't Tell Me!' The Anatomy And Politics Of Inquiry Inverness Res. St. John, Mark
03/06/2003 Visualizations PDK Royal Van Horn
09/19/2003 Using Student Work to Support Professional Development in Elementary Mathematics CTP Kazemi, Elham, Franke, Megan Loef
06/04/1999 Uses and Limits of Performance Assessment PDK Eisner, Elliot
05/30/2002 Up Close and Personal Ed. Week Olson, Lynn
12/03/1999 Understanding Pathway: A Conversation with Howard Gardner Ed. Leadership Scherer, Marge
02/06/2003 U.S. Students to Continue Ants-in-Space Experiment Nat'l Geo. News Roach, John
08/13/1998 Twenty-four, Forty-two, and I Love You. Keeping It Complex HER Duckworth, Eleanor
11/16/2000 Thinking (and Talking) About Technology in Math Classrooms EDC Goldenberg, Paul E.
07/11/2002 Technology is Changing What's "Fair Use" in Teaching --Again EPAA Howe-Steiger, Linda, Donohue, Brian C.
10/22/1998 TECHNOLOGY COUNTS '98 Ed. Week Education Week on the Web
06/04/1998 Technology and Education Reform SRI SRI International
05/02/2003 Teaching Mathematics in Seven Countries: Results from the TIMSS 1999 Video Study NCES Hiebert, J., Gallimore, R., Garnier, H., Bogard Givvin, K., Hollingsworth, H., Jacobs, J., M.Y. Chui, A., Wearne, D., Smith, M., Kersting, N., Manaster, A., Tseng, E., Etterbeek, W., Manaster, C., Gonzales, P., Stigler, J.
09/14/2001 Talking To Children About Violence And Other Sensitive And Complex Issues In The World Ed. Social Resp. Jones, Susan, Berman, Sheldon
07/16/1999 Student Work and Teacher Practices in Mathematics NCES NCES
07/02/1999 State Agencies Take Hands-On Role in Reform Ed. Week Johnston, Robert
05/29/2003 Start with What the Student Knows or with What the Student Can Imagine? PDK Egan, Kieran
03/19/2004 Standards and Tests: Keeping Them Aligned Research Points Olsen, Lynn
11/12/2002 Sky's the Limit: Classroom-Based Assessments Raise the Bar for Science Instruction Northwest Teacher Linik, Joyce Riha
10/10/2002 Scary Part Is That It Happens Without Us Knowing NCRTL Featherstone, Helen, Gregorich, Patty, Niesz, Tricia, Young, Lauren
07/28/2004 Reflections on History and Quality Education CTP Kantor, Harvey, Lowe, Robert
07/23/1998 Reflecting on Practice Hands On! Weir, Sylvia, Barclay, Tim
11/02/2001 Reciprocal Influence of Teacher Learning, Teaching Practice, School Restructuring, and Student Learning Outcomes TCR Ancess, Jacqueline
10/05/2001 Quantum Theory, the Uncertainty Principle, and the Alchemy of Standardized Testing PDK Wassermann, Selma
08/06/1998 Promoting Student Inquiry Science Teach. Edwards, Clifford H.
06/25/1998 Professional Development in a Technological Age: New Definitions, Old Challenges, New Resources TERC Grant, Cathy Miles
04/02/1999 Playing Their Parts: What Parents and Teachers Really Mean by Parental Involvement Public Agenda Public Agenda
03/26/1999 Parrot Math PDK O'Brien, Thomas
11/30/2004 NCLB Could Alter Science Teaching Ed Week Cavanagh, Sean
05/03/2005 National Educational Technology Plan U.S. Dept. Ed. U.S. Dept. Ed. Office of the Secretary
01/31/2003 NASA Launches Educator-Astronaut Program Ed Week Trotter, Andrew
01/23/2003 Middle Grades Science Textbooks: A Benchmarks-Based Evaluation AAAS AAAS
03/12/1999 Middle Grades Mathematics Textbooks: A Benchmarks-Based Evaluation AAAS Project 2061
03/26/1999 Mathematical Miseducation of America's Youth: Ignoring Research and Scientific Study in Education PDK Battista, Michael
11/03/2000 Mathematical Miseducation Of America's Youth PDK Battista, Michael T.
09/12/2002 Mathematical Literacy: What Does it Mean for School Mathematics? NCISLA Romberg, Thomas
12/20/2002 Learning to Discipline PDK Metzger, Margaret
06/01/2001 Interview with Marilyn Burns. Meeting the Standards-Don't Try to Do It All By Yourself ENC Herrera, Terese
09/26/2002 Internet Access in U.S. Public Schools and Classrooms 1994-2001 NCES Kleiner, Anne, Farris, Elizabeth
07/14/2000 Inquiry-Minded Schools: Opening Doors for Accountability PDK Rallis, Sharon F., MacMullen, Margaret M.
10/20/2000 Inquiry and the National Science Education Standards: A Guide for Teaching Learning NAS Olson, Steve, Loucks-Horsley, Susan
10/01/1999 How People Learn: Bridging Research and Practice NRC National Research Council
03/21/2003 How Classroom Assessments Improve Learning Ed. Leadership Thomas R. Guskey
11/03/2000 Helping Your Child Learn Math U.S. DOE Kanter, Patsy F., Darby, Linda B.
09/14/2001 Helping Children after a Disaster AACAP American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
10/01/1999 Heavy Books Light on Learning AAAS Project 2061
02/11/2000 Foundations Volume 2: Inquiry Thoughts, Views and Strategies for the K-5 Classroom ESIE and REC NSF
02/11/2000 Foundations Volume 1: The Challenge and Promise of K-8 Science Education Reform ESIE and REC NSF
06/04/1998 Fostering the Use of Educational Technology: Elements of a National Strategy RAND Glennan, Thomas, K., Melmed, Arthur, (A RAND report)
06/15/2001 Finding Our Way on the Road to a Standards-Based Classroom ENC Focus Ridgway, Judy
05/29/2003 Enduring Effects of Small Classes TCR Finn, Jeremy D., Gerber, Susan B., Achilles, Charles M., Boyd-Zaharias, Jayne
03/06/2003 Ending the Silence PDK Donna M. Marriott
08/30/2001 Electronic Principles and Standards for School Mathematics NCTM NCTM
06/11/1998 Educational Technology: Support for Inquiry-Based Learning TERC Rubin, Andee
11/15/2001 Dimensions of Inquiry FOSS News. Camins, Arthur
09/26/2002 Developing Children's Content Reading Skills During Hands-on Science Time conf. pres. Presented at the International Conference, University of Victoria, Canada
11/09/2001 Cybercheating: A New Twist on an Old Problem PDK Gardiner, Steve
05/28/1999 Curriculum and Society Ed. Week Weissglass, Julian
02/16/2001 Cultivating a Culture of Inquiry TERC Falk, Joni, Drayton, Brian
06/18/1998 Critical Issues in Technology NCREL North Central Regional Educational Laboratory
12/03/1999 Courage to Be Constructivist Ed. Leadership Brooks, Martin G., Grennon Brooks, Jacqueline
07/23/1998 Coping with Inquiry Hands On! Barclay, Tim
05/25/2001 Continuum for Assessing Science Process Knowledge in Grades K-6 EJSE Beeth, Michael E, et al
08/20/1998 Conceptual Analysis of Science Curriculum Materials as an Advanced Professional Development Activity APS Lopez, Ramon
03/19/2004 Class Size: Counting Students Can Count Research Points Zurawsky, Chris
09/14/2001 Children and the News AACAP American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
02/06/2004 Can Groups Learn? TCR Cohen, Elizabeth G., Lotan, Rachel, Scarloss, Beth, Schultz, Susan E., Abram, Percy
08/18/2000 Beliefs That Block Equity book excerpt Love, Nancy
02/06/2003 At Dawn, the Columbia NY Times Ferris, Timothy
02/06/2003 Astronaut's final e-mail to family, friends: Laurel Clark described awe-inspiring sights MSNBC
08/08/2002 Assessment, Student Confidence, and School Success PDK Stiggins, Richard J.
06/10/2004 Assessment as Inquiry TCR Delandshere, Ginette
10/31/2003 Apprenticing Adolescents to Reading in Subject-Area Classrooms PDK Schoenbach, Ruth, Braunger, Jane, Greenleaf, Cynthia, Litman, Cindy
03/31/2004 Analyzing Instructional Content and Practices Science Teacher Blank, Rolf, Hill, Stan
05/19/2000 Algebra for All -- Not with Today's Textbooks, Says AAAS AAAS Project 2061
12/21/2000 Adolescents' Motivation, Behavior and Achievement in Science NARST Howe, Ann C.
03/02/2001 Adding It Up: Helping Children Learn Mathematics NRC National Research Council
03/09/2001 Access to Constructivist and Didactic Teaching: Who Gets It? Where is it Practiced? TCR Smerdon, Becky A., Burkham, David T., Lee, Valerie E.
05/31/2001 ABC on Scoring Rubrics Development for Large Scale Performance Assessment in Mathematics and Science WESTAT Westat